• Was speaking to a friend a week ago. I said I wasn’t too motivated on what to write. She said that This blog maybe branching out to too many stuff. She suggested that I’ve segregate my blog into different topic. Some personal and the other is my technical writing. So I have decided to create a new domain Weiyenitjournal.Com

New beginnings 

I have just moved into a new townhouse deep in the city of Wellington. I have to say that I am loving the new surroundings. 

It’s a new start as I have been living in the suburb for the time that I have been in Wellington . I have been living in the suburbs or up north. 

So this is my first experience living in the city. I have new world not so far to where I am, literally 5 min walk and 16 min walk to work. 

I will start my day shifts next few months I imagine. It’s going to be a big change. I have to make full use of this domain. So I will make an effort to write in it on a weekly basis of when things come to mind. 

EarthQuake in Wellington

Eagle at Wellington Airport - Courtesy of NZ Herald

I was going to write something on the quality of music these days but just when I was going to get into it Wellington just had an earthquake.

It originated just out of Palmerston North out of Castlepoint.  The Geonet report can be found here.

I am not going to go into much detail about the earthquake itself, that will be boring…but thought I might go into my experiences with earthquakes in Wellington.

I think I have been into a few earthquakes in Wellington. I have lived in the sourthern part of Wellington in Brooklyn and now in Tawa. I found that the earthquake intensity stronger there than in Tawa.

I found that in Tawa, the earthquakes there are just slight shakes and that was it. Nothing too shaky and nothing to really worry about while in the city it was a lot worse. . . it felt more like a jolt…I don’t think I want to know what a serious one feels like such as the ones in Christchurch.



Fulfilled weekend

So this weekend was a fulfilled one. My parents came from Hamilton on the 1st January to spend new years here as I was not heading up to Hamilton for Christmas. When my parents travel they like to bring everything with them. Just check out the photo below:

Family luggage

LuggageThat day was the last day that I had off so I didn’t have that much of a time spent with them  at night as I always have a early start the next day. I had arranged prior to meet up with my cousin who lives in Wellington now to meet up with him the next day so straight after work I took a ride home with him and his fiance back to our place. We had a great dinner and we caught  up talking about what everyone is up to. All in all it was a great night. Mum in her usual demeanour made a lot of food which was enjoyed by all. It was great meeting up with my cousin and fiance and we had a lot of fun. Some photos are below:

On Saturday I had arranged to go to Yum Char with my old team leader and we met up with them.We had a great time. Its a pity that I didn’t manage to take any photos.

journal (1)

Back once more

So this time I really am going to make a conceited effort to start blogging again. There have been many a time that I thought I would take up the keyboard and start writing again but I never really got a proper understanding as to how I will structure my blog.

I write a lot of pieces about a lot of things. Some technical, some blogs about me but I felt that every single time I posted about different topics in the same feed it got too confusing. So this time around I have split it up into different sections.

I really like how I have set it up. I think it requires a bit more explanation on the front page but the main thing is that I am happy with it. Now every time I post about specific areas they will be focused on that topic and nothing more.

I promise I will write more. I have signed up weiyentan.com for another 5 years so you are going to be with me for a while yet.

01/07/2013 – Another go at starting a Blog

I have been procrastinating as long for a few years now when I will start to blog again. A lot of the time I have found that I have not focused on a particular aspect or topic in the past plus with Facebook I could microblog. I just found out this new tool called Fargo which is an outliner that connects to WordPress. Its pretty awesome. I have seen this done before and I really like the concept of it which is just adding ideas when I see it but there was never a connection to WordPress. Well now there is I really like the idea so am trying this out. Will post more when I get back. Got somethings to do now. Be right back! Will post later.


  • So I am back. The thing I like about Fargo is that it’s nice and simple. I am just currently using it for blog posts but its capable of handling much more.

The future of Mobiles – Whoever gets it Wins!

Enough of the catch phrase, thats just to get people’s attention, I’d just get straight to the point.  The next mobile company in Australasia  to get people to use mobile internet to its full potential and do so with good value is going to win. Full stop. Period.

Why do I say this? Well in my opinion its the next killer app second to texting.  Texting was great because it brought in that interactivity and it was quick and easy. It is also cheap.  That has now evolved. Mobiles are now smarter. It has GPS in them, and have java applets that can run applications.  Applications such as Facebook, Youtube, Bebo. All those sites that the younger generation (15-25) use, Vodafone has a big opportunity to tap that market.

Recently, Twitter has been promoted by such things as the competition between Ashton Kutcher and CNN having 1 million followers. If Twitter does take off in NZ, (and not just for the geeks like me) then there is a whole market that can be upgraded to be using 3G. Its not just about using a 3G phone because I would make a bid to say that not many of the general populace use it or even know what 3G really implies or even use it to its full potential.

I will put my stake down now and say that whoever gets the market to transfer to them to use the mobile web, they are going to be far better off. Time will tell.

Section 92a? My internet is cut off?! Say what?

What is Section 92a? There has been so much controversy over this in New Zealand and even some people around the world like Steven Fry have protested about this in their own way. The initial Section 92a stated that once accused of downloading infringing copyright material  the ISP is then responsible for terminating the users account without any question whatsoever.

This law essentially means that there does not need to have  justice system in place. The traditional “Innocent until proven Guilty” is not even in effect here,  just three strikes and you’re ‘out’.  No Internet. Nothing.  Zip. Nada.  They might as well as cut off our right arm.

Whoever wrote and then approved that law has got to be nuts. Firstly they have forgotten entirely about the justice system. Where do these people get a fair trial? Where is the justice in all of this? Also, cutting off Internet access altogether? There are punishments that are meant to deter people but there are others that are too totalitarian and extreme. The use of the Internet has made its way into our daily lives. From Internet banking, to getting information, it makes things more convenient its slowly becoming the only way to get things done.  A simple question, what happens when a business never even conducted any such activity in any way yet they were accused by a disgruntled employee/s? Remember three strikes and its good bye to the Internet? Second, they are cutting off a lifeblood for ISPs. Their main revenue is people using Internet. Cut that  off..uh huh.

This law was meant to have passed by 28th Feb but because of the calamity of the issue and the attention that it got, the government has now said that the law will be modified based on the government and the ISPs agreeing with the terms. They have till 20th of March 2009 (or some date) before they come to an agreement. If after six months they still have nothing, then the law will slide and be suspended.

My bet at this stage is that the law will be suspended. No one (on both sides) in their right mind would want to have their accounts terminated.

Wellington buses

I have stayed in Wellington well over a year now. What was very compelling for me to move to Wellington were two things. The first was family reasons. I had one brother that was staying here, and the second was that I was under the impression that Wellington had a very good transport infrastructure. I cannot drive, due to medical reasons, so I need to live in a city that has good public transport. I am from Hamilton and although Auckland was closer, Auckland is one of those cities that is so sprawled out without a very good infrastructure that everybody needs to have a car to get anywhere.

So I guess I was kind of surprised when I came to Wellington to find that the buses on where I am staying do not arrive in a timely manner on certain parts of the day. People say to me that it is just my route (which is Brooklyn), and I suppose that in some ways it is. I am just not sure. You see, sometimes the buses come late, or sometimes they even come to early. It is all too much for me sometimes, and I just give up.

I suppose that this is something that I was not made aware of when I made my decision to go to Wellington, or I did not pay heed of it. In either case, I think that I have gotten used to it now, and I have just learned to come that little bit earlier than before.