Its good to have your friends around

For the past few years, I have realised how holed up I was in comparison to what I  am now.  A lot of my friends when I was in Hamilton were on the web and so thats where I spent most of my time. Now I am in Wellington I have had more motivation   to meet new people and I have.

I think sometimes its good to have the interaction with physical friends otherwise end up holed up in our houses glued to our machines hoping to socialise virtually with others satisfying our innate yearning to meet with others.

At the end of the day thats what I think most people’s desires are, that is to mingle and interact with others. Many people express that in many different ways. Some its through being in the company of others. Others express it by doing bad things and others through intimacy or through all the facets listed above. Its all dependent on how they have been brought up.

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