New Years Day

New Years Day. An ushering out of the old year and to welcome in the new. That is what it is like with 2008. New Years Eve is kind of special for me because the 31st of December is also my birthday. So it couples up really. New Years Eve was spent at the mini golf range with my folks and brother with his girlfriend. On the 3rd of January heading to Whangamata. Its a beach resort where we can also fish. 5 days of relaxation I guess that is something that I need to get away from it all. Pictures can be foundhere

Chih has kindly put me onto Entourage, a TV series that follows the life of Vincent Chase a rising superstar in Hollywood with his Entourage. Coupled with his manager Ari Gold, it shows one person making their way through Hollywood. I thoroughly enjoy it, and admist the hilarity and innuendos there is some inspiration.

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