Archiving everything to USB Media

I just bought myself a portable hard drive the Maxtor One Touch. Its a big fat 750 GB harddrive that I am using to store all my data and such ilk from my desktop computer, and my laptop computer.

Although it has a management tool to backup the data, I still use the normal tools lik e robocopy to copy it to the USB storage device.

The form factor looks quite sleek, and unlike other USB devices I think that this one looks very sexy and durable. It comes with a five year warranty, which is quite rare for most hardware these days, usually most of them standardise on 3 or 1 year warranties. For me this means that they believe in their product. For 750 GB, the retail price range can be around $400-$500 but I think that this is worth it as the average user can put the contents of their whole computer on it, and back it up just like that with out having to worry about anything.

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