Heading back to Hamilton for a break

I am heading back for a break for one night. To say the least, I think I need it. I have been working a lot of long hours and even though I am enjoying it and have no problems at all with working late, I think my body is shutting down.

I think every once in a while, the body does need to recharge and once everything is back to normal, which I hope it does then I will balance it out. I think it is the case of working hard but playing hard too. That is what is important. Working too hard stresses the body and can alter the behaviour of the mind and such. Playing too hard can make one lazy, and focus too much on having fun, which escapes reality.

2 thoughts on “Heading back to Hamilton for a break

  1. Lesliesays

    Some Crazy Reds you got there bro. My eyes shut down for a minute.

    Yes, working hard and playing hard? Try meditation and relaxation.

  2. Nick Dobsonsays

    Hey mate. Was talking to Su Hsia Chow on MSN last night and she mentioned you and Weij.. thus prompting me to google this blog and touch base! Funky theme, good to see your sticking with the bloggng!

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