Wellington buses

I have stayed in Wellington well over a year now. What was very compelling for me to move to Wellington were two things. The first was family reasons. I had one brother that was staying here, and the second was that I was under the impression that Wellington had a very good transport infrastructure. I cannot drive, due to medical reasons, so I need to live in a city that has good public transport. I am from Hamilton and although Auckland was closer, Auckland is one of those cities that is so sprawled out without a very good infrastructure that everybody needs to have a car to get anywhere.

So I guess I was kind of surprised when I came to Wellington to find that the buses on where I am staying do not arrive in a timely manner on certain parts of the day. People say to me that it is just my route (which is Brooklyn), and I suppose that in some ways it is. I am just not sure. You see, sometimes the buses come late, or sometimes they even come to early. It is all too much for me sometimes, and I just give up.

I suppose that this is something that I was not made aware of when I made my decision to go to Wellington, or I did not pay heed of it. In either case, I think that I have gotten used to it now, and I have just learned to come that little bit earlier than before.

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