Section 92a? My internet is cut off?! Say what?

What is Section 92a? There has been so much controversy over this in New Zealand and even some people around the world like Steven Fry have protested about this in their own way. The initial Section 92a stated that once accused of downloading infringing copyright material  the ISP is then responsible for terminating the users account without any question whatsoever.

This law essentially means that there does not need to have  justice system in place. The traditional “Innocent until proven Guilty” is not even in effect here,  just three strikes and you’re ‘out’.  No Internet. Nothing.  Zip. Nada.  They might as well as cut off our right arm.

Whoever wrote and then approved that law has got to be nuts. Firstly they have forgotten entirely about the justice system. Where do these people get a fair trial? Where is the justice in all of this? Also, cutting off Internet access altogether? There are punishments that are meant to deter people but there are others that are too totalitarian and extreme. The use of the Internet has made its way into our daily lives. From Internet banking, to getting information, it makes things more convenient its slowly becoming the only way to get things done.  A simple question, what happens when a business never even conducted any such activity in any way yet they were accused by a disgruntled employee/s? Remember three strikes and its good bye to the Internet? Second, they are cutting off a lifeblood for ISPs. Their main revenue is people using Internet. Cut that  off..uh huh.

This law was meant to have passed by 28th Feb but because of the calamity of the issue and the attention that it got, the government has now said that the law will be modified based on the government and the ISPs agreeing with the terms. They have till 20th of March 2009 (or some date) before they come to an agreement. If after six months they still have nothing, then the law will slide and be suspended.

My bet at this stage is that the law will be suspended. No one (on both sides) in their right mind would want to have their accounts terminated.

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