01/07/2013 – Another go at starting a Blog

I have been procrastinating as long for a few years now when I will start to blog again. A lot of the time I have found that I have not focused on a particular aspect or topic in the past plus with Facebook I could microblog. I just found out this new tool called Fargo which is an outliner that connects to WordPress. Its pretty awesome. I have seen this done before and I really like the concept of it which is just adding ideas when I see it but there was never a connection to WordPress. Well now there is I really like the idea so am trying this out. Will post more when I get back. Got somethings to do now. Be right back! Will post later.


  • So I am back. The thing I like about Fargo is that it’s nice and simple. I am just currently using it for blog posts but its capable of handling much more.

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