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Back once more

So this time I really am going to make a conceited effort to start blogging again. There have been many a time that I thought I would take up the keyboard and start writing again but I never really got a proper understanding as to how I will structure my blog.

I write a lot of pieces about a lot of things. Some technical, some blogs about me but I felt that every single time I posted about different topics in the same feed it got too confusing. So this time around I have split it up into different sections.

I really like how I have set it up. I think it requires a bit more explanation on the front page but the main thing is that I am happy with it. Now every time I post about specific areas they will be focused on that topic and nothing more.

I promise I will write more. I have signed up for another 5 years so you are going to be with me for a while yet.

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