Fulfilled weekend

So this weekend was a fulfilled one. My parents came from Hamilton on the 1st January to spend new years here as I was not heading up to Hamilton for Christmas. When my parents travel they like to bring everything with them. Just check out the photo below:

Family luggage

LuggageThat day was the last day that I had off so I didn’t have that much of a time spent with them  at night as I always have a early start the next day. I had arranged prior to meet up with my cousin who lives in Wellington now to meet up with him the next day so straight after work I took a ride home with him and his fiance back to our place. We had a great dinner and we caught  up talking about what everyone is up to. All in all it was a great night. Mum in her usual demeanour made a lot of food which was enjoyed by all. It was great meeting up with my cousin and fiance and we had a lot of fun. Some photos are below:

On Saturday I had arranged to go to Yum Char with my old team leader and we met up with them.We had a great time. Its a pity that I didn’t manage to take any photos.

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