I have a strong belief that if one says something then it is important to keep their word, or just follow through with what they say.  What drives me nuts is someone that asks for something and then when I take the time to do what they wanted, they either fire back saying that it  doesn’t matter. I have taken the time to do something for them and then all of a sudden they just say “Forget about it”. I find that rude. I have taken the tim and it just feels like that when they back out they don’t appreciate what I am doing and they are just wasting my time.

Some people just don’t understand….

Prime Minister John Key’s cast may cost more than arm and a leg

After reading an article in the Dominion Post I was interested to read that John Key’s (NZ’s prime minister) bids on his cast on Trademe shot up to $10,000 or so. Originally I thought it was for the cast only but it includes morning tea with the man. The money Key raises will go to a charity. Apparently Key is nervous about the amount being raised.


End of the holidays 2008

Everything is winding down at my stay in Hamilton. I am due to go back to work next week. I have mixed feelings about this as coming back does bring back memories. The work that I did here was more aligned to my skillset. I had more control over things. As a few friends of mine said, “Your potential is under utilized”.

I have given this much thought and the more that I have thought about it, the more I agree with it.

Anyway, who knows what 2009 will bring. I have my plans and currently bringing that to fruition. Lets see how that goes. :)

Finally Home

Well I have arrived back home last Sunday. It has been quite relaxing and I do not plan to get to any work done over the holiday…although I was planning to get something done. I do plan to get some Alpha Five database work sorted out but we will see. I have to do something and be a bit productive.

I have to start to plan some new projects in the new year and hopefully we will get something sorted out. Anyway will post later.

Feeling Inert

There comes a point in time when one might feel passionate about something and then that fades away. I am the type of person that if you treat right then I will stand thick or thin regardless of external factors. When I hear issues of injustice and ill treatment and I find truth in it, I just start feeling inert and thats it. I can’t be bothered anymore

When I feel underappreciated or people start to  take things for granted then I am just the lazy and I can’t really bothered and I move on.

Farewell Mia

Well another person that is leaving from the group. Farewell Mia, you taught me many things  I hope everything goes well in your new job and that we will see you again.

Mia and the group

There does seem to be a trend that a slew of people have left work, and that is sad but that is the way things are. I just couldn’t imagine that things would happen that quickly. But such is life. Hopefully thing will remain stable and we start getting into a decent rhythm.

Its good to have your friends around

For the past few years, I have realised how holed up I was in comparison to what I  am now.  A lot of my friends when I was in Hamilton were on the web and so thats where I spent most of my time. Now I am in Wellington I have had more motivation   to meet new people and I have.

I think sometimes its good to have the interaction with physical friends otherwise end up holed up in our houses glued to our machines hoping to socialise virtually with others satisfying our innate yearning to meet with others.

At the end of the day thats what I think most people’s desires are, that is to mingle and interact with others. Many people express that in many different ways. Some its through being in the company of others. Others express it by doing bad things and others through intimacy or through all the facets listed above. Its all dependent on how they have been brought up.