Found a place

I found a place in Wellington. Its in Brooklyn which is way out of the city. It’ll take a while to get there by foot to the city but by bus it will take 20-25 minutes. It will take me right to the doorstep, I walk a bit and off I go. I figure I might buy this ‘all you can eat’ bus transport card that can take me where I want. . .seeing I have no car. Its only $137 a month. I’ll post pictures of it when I get my camera.

I am going to bed. So much stress. Heading back to Hamilton for a few days to pack some things up.

Sony t70

I  am buying a new camera. My other one died and I was a bit gutted. The camera that I chose is the Sony T70. The reason why I chose it is because it has no moving parts for the lens, which means that it is not going to break. Also the touch screen is quite attractive, but I am a bit worried about the screen. I have to play it carefully. It has some technology features in smile on peoples faces. What it does is take a photo when people smile. Thats cool. Anyway I am going to bed now, its 12:27am here and I am looking at places to stay tomorrow…or today morning.

Sony t70

Looking for a home

Flat huntingI have made it down to Wellington and this time I am looking for a place rather than a job. Looking for a place is much more complicated than I thought it would be, but it is quite an experience. One thing that I noticed is that Trademe and your contacts that you know are your friends. They truely are. It takes a lot of time. It is something that requires time and effort because there are so many people that are vying for the place. Its an interesting experience and I have to head to Wellington again so that when work comes I am ready.

Going to the Gym

I have been going to the gym for the last few weeks. Its been making a big difference on how I feel about myself. It makes me feel better. I don’t know why I didn’t start going before. I suppose the only thing that made me procrastinate was that I had no goal or personal trainer. I think for people like me, it helps to get a bit of a push and to get me to continuing doing so. Not that I can see any difference now but certainly in a few years from now, when I keep this up that this will be something that will be showing for it.

Outrageous Fortune

I love this series. I have the DVDs for the first season, but have yet to watch them. If ever you get the chance to watch I am sure you will enjoy it.Here is Season’s 3 promo that I found on Youtube:

Season 4 should be out soon this year.

Heading to Wellington

Well I got the contract for the job and so starts a new life. I have a few questions just to make sure  that I have understood what it entails so that I don’t have any misunderstandings. I only wish that I had this opportunity sooner so that I could take this chance to get Junko to move here. But there is no point looking at the past, what is most important is to look forward and make the most of everything. Which leds me to another thing, for some reason I think I keep seeing Junko in New Zealand. I don’t know if it is my mind playing tricks…the first time was when I was in Wellington, and I saw her in a Vodafone store.

The second was in a red car in Hamilton. I think its my mind playing tricks. Its getting late, so I better end here. Till next time.

Another interview

Aerial shot of WellingtonI was down in Wellington yesterday for an interview. I took the plane down and while Hamilton was having 30 degrees Celcius Wellington was a very different story. Instead it was a very windy Wellington with overcast weather. When I say overcast I mean cloudy with not a speckle of sun at all.

The temperature shot down to 10 degrees and it was freezing. I was in my shorts and shorts so it was a big change. Wellington is certainly going to be a different city from Hamilton, if I move down.

The interview went well. I felt confident and knew what I was going to say in the interview. A big change from what I had last time.
I was very happy about that, so I will be waiting for tomorrow for some feedback.

Our second to last day @ Whangamata-thoughts about holidays

Well, we are on our second to last day at Whangamata. It has been relaxing doing absolutely nothing, and just watching series such as desperate House wives-Season could say that we are fully recharged, and ready to head back to work.

It is always interesting to note what a good holiday does to the Mind and body. a change of scenery with nothing to worry about does wonders.I will explore doing this a bit more to clear my head .

Whangamata-The start of what is a five day holiday -3rd January, 2008

At the end of every year the family either decides to go out for a traditional holiday which lasts for a few days to which we go gallivanting to such places interesting places in the smaller cities perhaps next to a beach or we go up to Auckland. Just anywhere outside of the house so that we can take a breather. This year we decided to head to Whangamata. Whangamata is, I suppose a small haven where there is a small beach and one can relax there or others can go to the wharf to go fishing. We really started packing on the 2nd and boy did we have a thing to pack. It was as if we had to pack the kitchen sink. Really! I must show the photos.

Today, we took off to Whangamata at 3:00pm or so and it took around a hour and an a half to get there. The place is not bad. It is very spacious and we are close to the beach, so my dad can go ahead and fish to his hearts content. He really loves it! I’ll post the pictures to Flickr when I get back. My data plan on the mobile is not that much. I wish that would change.