• Was speaking to a friend a week ago. I said I wasn’t too motivated on what to write. She said that This blog maybe branching out to too many stuff. She suggested that I’ve segregate my blog into different topic. Some personal and the other is my technical writing. So I have decided to create a new domain Weiyenitjournal.Com

New beginnings 

I have just moved into a new townhouse deep in the city of Wellington. I have to say that I am loving the new surroundings. 

It’s a new start as I have been living in the suburb for the time that I have been in Wellington . I have been living in the suburbs or up north. 

So this is my first experience living in the city. I have new world not so far to where I am, literally 5 min walk and 16 min walk to work. 

I will start my day shifts next few months I imagine. It’s going to be a big change. I have to make full use of this domain. So I will make an effort to write in it on a weekly basis of when things come to mind.