Beginning my Life in the Internet Cloud

I have been really been getting into web applications, for a lot of the things that I do. In the past I use to do things using Microsoft Office and such and while I still use them, I am finding that a lot of my applications are living in the ‘cloud’ so to speak and integrating with these client side applications. There are three main things that I am doing, which is twitter, Gmail, Flickr, blogging in WordPress, Plaxo and FaceBook for contact management.

Plaxo is an invaluable tool for finding my appointments and syncing with all the email/contact management from Gmail and Outlook. Because I use a Pocket PC and Outlook 2007 I find that this is very useful for backup and synchronizing between accounts with Google Calendar/Outlook and Gmail contacts. If my Pocket PC gets stolen, I can still rely on my 3G cellphone to get to my calendar data or contact data.

I have found that I have been using twitter a lot. I never realised that I would start using it. What is twitter? For me, its a tool that allows people to keep people updated with their statuses. Short on text I have found several services that allows me to add video to twitter…or rather it links to the video from another site. Its brilliant. My twitter status can be seen on the right hand side of the page.

Another is Flickr. Flickr is a web tool I use to keep all my photos. It lives on the internet and it is a wonderful system to help organise and share photos. I highly recommend it to anyone. I can upload my pictures from anything. Digital cameras obviously, web cameras and also from mobile phones.

Lastly is Facebook. I have just started using this. This is a social networking site and it integrates most of what I previously mentioned together. It allows me to keep in touch with others, and follow what they are doing.

I honestly believe these have become a big part of my life, especially twitter. I tend to blog for long posts and to show the odd video here and there. Do you use any of these web applications? What web applications do you use and what has your experience been with them?